Step 1: Click on the green squares to reserve a room. You can choose up to six time slots, up to a maximum of 3 hours a day.   Rooms can only be reserved one week in advance.  Mouse over the  icons for room descriptions.  Reservations require a UAS, UAA, UAF email address for confirmation.  Don't use your UA email?  Simply enter your UA      

Step 2: Check your email for a confirmation that your booking was approved.

Step 3: Please check in at the Circulation Desk.  Anyone from the group can check-in.  Your booking will be forfeited after 15 minutes if you don't check in.  If you need chalk, whiteboard markers or cables for the HDTV, let Circulation know when you check in.   If someone is in the room at the time of your reservation please ask library staff for assistance.  

Scheduling problems or requests should be directed to the circulation desk at 907-796-6300.  


Summer Semester:  Reservations not required 

Study Room 106 & 107: UAS Learning and Testing Center staff and related Student Support Departments may book these rooms beyond the 1 week window.   Staff should have access to scheduling dashboard or may contact the circulation desk.  

Conference Rooms 210 and 211: UAS Faculty, Staff and Departments may book the Conference Rooms (210 & 211) beyond the 1 week window, contact the circulation desk.  Room 211 is expected to return to use as a classroom Fall 2017.