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Egan Library Calendar Policies

Scheduling of Egan Library rooms must comply with Egan Library Policies (full policies available here) and summarized here:  

Study Rooms: EL 212 and 214 may be reserved up to 1 week in advance by UAS students, staff and faculty.  These reservations require a valid UAS email address in order to confirm a reservation.  Users may request up to 3 hours per day.  Study Rooms reservations may be made using the study rooms booking option above.   There are 5 other study rooms in the library available to all users on a first come, first served basis with priority given to students, then staff/faculty and to groups before individuals.

At this time Conference Rooms and the Library Event Space cannot be scheduled in this system. Please visit or contact the Egan Library circulation desk or call 907-796-6300 for scheduling information.